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Storage Santa Barbara: How to Choose Packing & Storage Materials

Whether you’re moving or you just need a reliable storage Santa Barbara to place your belongings, there are a few important things you should remember. In this article, you will learn how to pack and choose storage materials for your new storage unit.

Sofa Covers and Mattress Covers

The first thing that most people do when they need to place their sofas and mattresses in storage Santa Barbara is to place it in a storage unit without any kind of protection. They immediately assume that their items will remain in excellent condition throughout the duration of their storage stay. It's important that your sofas and mattresses are well covered, otherwise it will begin to develop mildew and mold.

This rule goes for any kind of storage space, even the basement of your home or office. Make sure that you purchase quality sofa covers and mattress covers to protect your items. If you're planning on storing your items for longer than seven days, make sure you get a sheet or a canvas tarp for added protection.

Wrapping Fragile Items: Newspaper or Wrap?

Although it's recommended to wrap fragile items in newspaper, make sure the item you're wrapping is not an item that's prone to staining. Sometimes the ink from the paper can rub off onto light colored items. If you're wrapping anything that's prone to staining, make sure you use clear white color wrapping paper.

Many people like to use newspaper and plain white wrapping paper because it’s economical. If your budget allows it, it is highly recommended that you use felt or bubble wrap, especially if you’re wrapping a family heirloom or a delicate item that’s breakable.

Choosing the Right Size Box

When you select boxes for your storage unit, make sure you choose the correct size. Often times, many people will focus on the items that they want to store, but they forget about how it's going to be transported from his/her home to the storage Santa Barbara. For example, if you have blankets, linens and clothing to store, use larger size boxes. For heavier items, such as books and magazines, you'll want to use smaller size boxes. When purchasing moving boxes for your storage unit, make sure you purchase packing supplies, such as tape, bubble wrap and box labels. This will help you keep your items well organized and secure.

If you’re looking for a good storage Santa Barbara contact 3 West Carrillo Self Storage at: (805) 966-9488. 3 West Carrillo Self Storage is a self storage facility providing clean air-conditioned units.

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Self Storage Santa Barbara CA: Packing & Storage Tips

If you’re thinking about placing your belongings in storage temporarily or for long-term, there are a few important things you should know. Here are a few packing and storage tips to live by:

How to Pack and Store Appliances

In order to keep your large and small appliances clean, make sure you clean all items before you place them in a self storage Santa Barbara CA. For instance, if you're storing a freezer or refrigerator, make sure you thoroughly clean it out before you place it into a storage unit. Even if it is completely empty, make sure you take a clean cloth with cleaner and clean it out. Otherwise, it will have a spoiled scent once you come to retrieve it from storage.

Fragile Dish Items

When packing your dinnerware and other fragile items, make sure you use a dish packing box for added protection. Make sure you pack your dishes, glasses and other items in a foam or protective wrap. You can also pack them the old fashion way with newspaper.

Always pack extra paper into open spaces among your dishes. This will give your items a tight and secure fit. Avoid placing your fragile items on the bottom of your box. Make sure you place them on top of your heavier weight items. This goes for when you pack your boxes in your storage unit as well. Place your heavier items on the bottom and fragile items on top.

Use the Right Kind of Storage Boxes

When it comes to storing your items in a self storage Santa Barbara, this is not the time to slack off with quality. Make sure you only use quality boxes and packing materials. This will help protect your items, especially if you have a lot of fragile items.

Make sure you close up your boxes securely. Use packing tape to close up your boxes for added protection.

Use Packing Labels for Your Boxes

Another important thing that you will need to remember is to properly label your boxes. There is nothing more confusing that having a storage unit full of boxes and forgetting where you placed your important items. In order to label your boxes, you will need to use packing labels or a thick dark colored marker.

Self Storage Santa Barbara CA

If you need access to a self storage Santa Barbara CA, contact 3 West Carrillo Self Storage at: (805) 966-9488. 3 West Carrillo Self Storage is a full service self storage company offering well-kept air-conditioned units.

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How to Avoid a Storage Center Nightmare When Renting

If you go online, you can find numerous reviews from people who have leased a unit from a storage center. Unfortunately, there are some people who have negative experiences. The sad part is that many of these nightmarish tales, of break-ins and damaged family heirlooms, could have been avoided by conducting a little research beforehand.

Ideally, you would be able to visit the storage center in person. Say you would like to store some items at a storage center in downtown Santa Barbara, California. You could get a feeling for how the employees treat you, what the storage facility looks like, where it is, etc. Sometimes, this is not possible, especially if you are in immediate need for a storage unit. In this case, you will have to rely on reviews written on the internet, interactions over the phone or referrals.

Start with a Google search and make a list of several places that you would like contact. If they have reviews, that is even better. Once you have created your list, start making phone calls. There are some important questions to ask besides basic logistics such as pricing. Here are some important questions to ask a storage center representative:

  • What kind of security system do you have?
  • When can I access my storage unit?
  • How many units do you have available?

The best way to avoid any kind of conflict when renting from a storage center in Santa Barbara is to carefully read your lease agreement before making a final decision. This should go unsaid, but most problems can be avoided by simply reading the agreement before signing the dotted line.

When you are looking for a storage center outside of your current location, have the storage center fax or scan the agreement to you in advance. This will give you sufficient amount of time to review it line by line. And always keep a copy for your records.

Make sure everything discussed on the phone is included in the lease agreement. Plus, anything that appears on the storage center’s personal website should alignment with the agreement.

Last but not least, make sure the agreed pricing is included within the lease. This will help you avoid any kind of confusion in the future.

If you’re in the process of looking for a reliable storage center in Santa Barbara, Call (805) 966-9488 or click here for further information.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Self-Storage in Santa Barbara

Looking for self-storage in Santa Barbara? You can find self-storage centers in your local area. Online listings make it easy to local public storage facilities. Many online sites will list self-storage centers by city in alphabetical order making it easy for you to find the nearest location to you.

When choosing a self-storage in Santa Barbara, you will want the option to be able to make a facility reservation online or by phone. Choosing a local storage center means that you will want to use a storage size estimator to ensure you are renting adequate space. You can find the storage size estimator online.

Follow the measurements of unit sizes and prices to help you visualize the kind of space that will fit your storage needs. Additionally, the storage estimator will allow you to see a graphical perspective of how the current room or rooms you are moving into storage, measure with the facilities unit sizes. Do not reserve a storage center without knowing approximately knowing how many square feet are need to fit your storage needs.

Self-storage in Santa Barbara comes in all sizes, mid, regular and large. Research any facilities you’re interested in. Do not reserve a storage center without checking its online site for discount offers. The best storage deals on the web will include free or low priced fees for the first month. Be sure and look for these and or inquire about the specials that might be available at the facility you are interested using for storage.

Many self-storage companies Santa Barbara offer pickup and delivery storage services. Ask in advance. Moving and packing supplies are costly. Do plan your move as far ahead as you can, this will allow you to save money and time by shopping for moving supplies whether online or in person at the storage center.

Most storage facilities list their rates online. Be sure and price the rates of facility with your budget so that you know if offered deal is the best in your area. Do not book a storage center without viewing location details online or in person. Additionally, planning ahead and knowing the size of your storage move will allow you to take advantage of deals on moving box units and incentives for long term rentals.

These suggestions are sure to help you when choosing a self storage in Santa Barbara. Call (805) 966-9488 or visit Santa Barbara self storage to find out more details about renting a storage facility.

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Secure and Affordable Storage in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Storage Units: Keeping Your Prized Possessions Safe

When it comes to self-storage, the proof is in the building. Santa Barbara Storage Units is confident that once you visit our facility, the emphasis we place on cleanliness, security and convenience will become entirely clear.

The staff at reputable Santa Barbara Storage Units is friendly and courteous. New and returning customers are both treated with the same respect and politeness. Trained employees also know the questions to ask that you might not, so as to identify the most logical solution to each person's needs.

One of the basic concerns most people have when they first walk into Santa Barbara Storage Units is figuring out exactly how much space they are going to need for their possessions. Determining the right size of unit can be a tricky business for the novice. That's where a professional staff comes in. They are experts at quickly and accurately assessing how much space will be needed for a particular batch of items, and ensuring that the chosen unit will still allow the user to avoid having to jam stuff in.

An initial tour of Santa Barbara Storage Units can include not just a look at empty units but also a view of one or two select ones in current usage. This is in many ways the best method to get an idea of the “self-storage experience.” Depending on what company you choose, some renters of storage units have given Santa Barbara Storage Units permission to show, a privilege that is treated with great care.

3 West Carrillo Santa Barbara Storage Units are maintained on a regular basis. Extreme temperatures for example can cause damage to antique furniture, family air-looms and other precious items. Similarly, the last thing a customer wants is to find ants or mice crawling through their stuff. Santa Barbara Storage Units are properly safeguarded to protect against environmental hazards like dampness, extreme heat and extreme cold.

When choosing a storage unit in Santa Barbara, make sure that you choose a company that has an advanced security system. Most companies have Close Circuit TV Systems and 24 hour surveillance. This will help ensure that your storage items are well protected. In addition, you may want drive by your prospective storage facility after hours to see if they have a closed fenced. If you find that there are questionable people loitering around the storage facility and it’s not secure, you may want to choose another company.

Click here to contact 3 west carrillo self storage to find out more information on renting a secure storage unit at 3 West Carrillo Self Storage call (805) 966-9488.

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Secure Storage Facility in Santa Barbara

The Best Storage Santa Barbara in Downtown

Santa Barbara is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, which is no surprise considering it’s fresh air, friendly people, and beautiful beaches. As Santa Barbara continues to grow larger and more suburban neighborhoods continue to develop, having a reliable storage facility is becoming more important than ever.

Convenient Storage Santa Barbara

Luckily for you, 3 West Carrillo Self Storage Santa Barbara is committed to providing quality storage facilities for all your valuables, large or small. If you need to be sure your property is as accessible and secure as possible, while still maintaining a reasonable price, 3 West Carrillo Self Storage is the place for you!

With a large number of storage packages available, there are many options for the prospective renter of any price range. Our security coverage options range from one to five thousand dollars and, because our facility features 24-hour video surveillance and state of the art armed alarms, you'll know your property is safe as can be. Be sure to come to us if you are ever planning on moving, as we will assist you every step of the way.

Many competitors offer a free first month of storage rent but then proceed to gouge you with arbitrary admin, lock, and insurance fees all up front. Our lowest cost move-in special is all inclusive, without any hidden costs, $29.95 moves you in! All this because here at 3 West Carrillo Self Storage we believe complete transparency, and not dissimulation, is the best way to gain a customers confidence. Also, there is no need to worry about a long term commitment, we believe in a month to month business model, one which means you are welcome when we are needed and free when we’re not.

We know it’s no small task finding a temporary home for your valuables and, when deciding on a storage facility to use, you need to be sure it is one which is reasonable, reliable, safe, and offers comfortable price ranges. From A to Z, we handle it all so whether your looking for long term or a temporary storage area during that big move be sure to choose the most professional facility for storage in Santa Barbara. Give us a call now at (805) 966-9488 to pay over the phone. Be sure to mention our $29.95 Moves You In - Low Price Guarantee!

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