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Secure and Affordable Storage in Santa Barbara

When it comes to self-storage, the proof is in the building. 3 West Carillo Self Storage is the most secure and affordable storage in Santa Barbara. We're confident that once you visit our facility, the emphasis we place on cleanliness, security and convenience will become entirely clear.

The staff at reputable Santa Barbara Storage Facilities are friendly and courteous. New and returning customers are both treated with the same respect and politeness. Trained employees also know the questions to ask that you might not, so as to identify the most logical solution to each person's needs.

Finding the Right Sized Storage Unit

One of the basic concerns most people have when they first walk into Santa Barbara Storage Facilities is size. Figuring out exactly how much space they are going to need for their possessions can be confusing. Determining the right size of unit can be a tricky business for the novice. That's where a professional staff comes in. They are experts at quickly and accurately assessing how much space will be needed for a particular batch of items. Also ensuring that the chosen unit will still allow the user to avoid having to jam stuff in.

An initial tour of Santa Barbara Storage Facilities can include a look at empty units, including a view of one or two units in current usage. This is in many ways the best method to get an idea of the “self-storage experience.” Depending on what company you choose, a privilege may be available that is treated with great care. That privilege is when renters of storage units give Santa Barbara Storage Facilities permission to show their occupied units. This gives a visual example of secure and affordable storage in Santa Barbara.

3 West Carrillo Storage units are maintained on a regular basis. Extreme temperatures for example can cause damage to antique furniture, family air-looms and other precious items. Similarly, the last thing a customer wants is to find ants or mice crawling through their stuff. Santa Barbara storage units are properly safeguarded to protect against environmental hazards like dampness, extreme heat and extreme cold.

Secure and Affordable Storage in Santa Barbara

When choosing a secure and affordable storage in Santa Barbara, make sure that you choose a facility that has an advanced security system. Most companies have Close Circuit TV Systems and 24 hour surveillance. This will help ensure that your storage items are well protected. In addition, you may want to drive by your prospective storage facility after hours to see if they have a closed fenced. If you find that there are questionable people loitering around the storage facility, it may not be secure and you may want to choose another facility.

Click here to find out more information on renting a secure and affordable storage in Santa Barbara. At 3 West Carrillo Self Storage you can ask our friendly staff about any move-in specials today! Call (805) 966-9488.

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