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santa barbara mini storage

Santa Barbara Mini Storage Facility

Santa Barbara is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, which is no surprise considering it’s fresh air, friendly people, and beautiful beaches. As Santa Barbara continues to grow larger and more suburban neighborhoods continue to develop, conveniences are needed. Therefore having a reliable storage facility is becoming more important than ever. That's why 3 West Carrillo Self Storage is the best Santa Barbara mini storage facility around!

Best Santa Barbara Mini Storage Facility 

Luckily for you, 3 West Carrillo is committed to providing quality storage units for all your valuables, large or small. If you need to be sure your property is as accessible and secure as possible while affordable, 3 West Carrillo is the place for you! With a large number of storage packages available, there are many options for the prospective renter of any price range. Our security coverage options range from the basic needed options to high-end advanced options. And because our facility features 24-hour video surveillance and state of the art armed alarms, you'll know your property is safe. Be sure to come to us if you are ever planning on moving, as we will assist you every step of the way because we are the best Santa Barbara mini storage facility!

Santa Barbara Mini Storage - NO Hidden Costs or Fees

Many competitors offer a free first month of storage rent but then proceed to gouge you with arbitrary admin, lock, and insurance fees all up front. Our lowest cost move-in special is all inclusive, without any hidden costs, $29.95 moves you in! All this because here at 3 West Carrillo Self Storage we believe complete transparency, and not dissimulation, is the best way to gain a customers confidence. Also, there is no need to worry about a long term commitment, we believe in a month to month business model. One which means you are welcome when we are needed and free when we’re not.

We know it’s no small task finding a temporary home for your valuables. When deciding on a storage facility to use, you need to be sure it is one which is reasonable, reliable, safe, and offers comfortable price ranges. From A to Z, 3 West Carrillo will handle it all so whether your looking for long term or a temporary storage. Before that big move be sure to choose the best Santa Barbara mini storage facility, 3 West Carrillo. Give us a call now at (805) 966-9488 and be sure to mention our $29.95 special price guarantee!

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santa barbara mini storage

Mini Storage Santa Barbara Has High Quality Units

When you need high-quality mini storage Santa Barbara rentals, contact 3 West Carrillo Storage. If you own a home or rent an apartment in the downtown area of this city, we offer the perfect location for you. There is no need to drive to the suburbs of Santa Barbara to have a place to store your business and household possessions. We offer a variety of storage units that are clean and safe to use. Safety features, such as a climate-controlled unit with an air conditioner is an excellent way to protect your sensitive items. Additionally, your possessions are protected by an alarm system that alerts law officials when someone tries to enter a storage unit illegally.

Safety Is Important For Mini Storage Santa Barbara

At 3 West Carrillo Storage, you can drop off or pick up items seven days a week at convenient times. It is easy to park your vehicle near a storage unit in order to remove your possessions from the trunk. Also, 3 West provides bright lighting to help you to feel secure while you are loading or unloading possessions. As additional protection, there are surveillance cameras so that employees can monitor activities. You are permitted to store almost anything at 3 West Carrillo Storage centers, but we do not permit storage of combustible or flammable items. In addition, we don’t recommend storing items that can attract pests such as cockroaches and mice. Our team of employees can provide information concerning the best way to store your possessions to protect the items from fading or degrading.

Mini Storage Santa Barbara Is Affordable

If you are on a tight budget, then renting a storage unit with 3 West Carrillo is an affordable option. Plus, there is no need to spend a lot of money driving to a location across the city with our convenient location. You also don’t need to sign a long-term contract for mini storage Santa Barbara units because we offer short-term options. It's also possible to maximize the amount of storage space in your unit by using tall metal shelving, plastic totes with lids and clothing rods on wheels. If you are storing documents, then you can buy stackable metal or plastic filing systems to hold the papers in an organized way. Proper document storage is especially important for business owners or managers who must retrieve paperwork quickly.

Don't Wait - Call 3 West Carrillo Storage Today!

Stop shopping around for decent mini storage Santa Barbara facilities, and go with the best in town! Check out 3 West Carrillo Storage today to see our storage facility and individual storage units. We make sure that you have the storage unit that you require today, making it easier to organize your business or home immediately. Our friendly staff is here to make mini storage Santa Barbara rentals an easy and convenient process for you!

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