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Tips For Keeping Items Safe At Your Santa Barbara Storage Center

Whether relocating, downsizing, or just remodeling, chances are a storage unit may be in your future. Not only does a Santa Barbara storage center offer sanctuary for household belongings, but can offer peace of mind as well. Knowing your items are safe and sound is priceless. So, why not take the time to store them correctly in the process to ensure their quality. 3 West Carrillo Self Storage takes pride in keeping their customers belongings safe and sound. Below are some great tips offered in keeping your items stored optimally during their stay at a Santa Barbara storage center.

Tips For Keeping Items Safe At Your Santa Barbara Storage Center

If you’re thinking about placing your belongings in storage temporarily or for long-term, there are a few important things you should know. Here are a few packing and storage tips for optimum storage conditions:

Using The Right Kind Of Storage Boxes Makes All The Difference

When it comes to storing your items at a Santa Barbara storage center, this is not the time to slack off with quality. Make sure you only use quality boxes and packing materials. This will help protect your items, especially if you have a lot of fragile items. Also, make sure you close up your boxes tightly and securely. Use packing tape to close up your boxes for added protection.

Packing And Storing Appliances To Maintain Quality

In order to maintain your large and small appliances, make sure you clean all items before you place them in a Santa Barbara storage center. For instance, if you're storing a freezer or refrigerator, make sure you thoroughly clean it out before you place it into a storage unit. Even if it is completely empty, make sure you take a clean cloth with cleaner and clean it out. Otherwise, it will have a spoiled scent once you come to retrieve it from storage.

Packing Labels for Your Boxes Makes Your Life Easier

Another important thing that you will need to remember is to properly label your boxes. In order to label your boxes, you will need to use packing labels or a thick dark colored marker. There is nothing more confusing that having a storage unit full of boxes and forgetting where you placed your important items. Make your life a little easier by utilizing a label.

Fragile Dish Items

When packing your dinnerware and other fragile items, make sure you use a dish packing box for added protection. Make sure you pack your dishes, glasses and other items in a foam or protective wrap. You can also pack them the old fashion way with newspaper. Also, always pack extra paper into open spaces among your dishes. This will give your items a tight and secure fit. Avoid placing your fragile items on the bottom of your box. Make sure you place them on top of your heavier weight items. This goes for when you pack your boxes in your storage unit as well. Place your heavier items on the bottom and fragile items on top.

The Best Santa Barbara Storage Center Downtown

If you're looking for the best Santa Barbara storage center, then look no further than 3 West Carrillo Self Storage. You can always speak to our friendly staff directly at (805) 966-9488 regarding any questions or concerns. 3 West Carrillo Self Storage is a full service self storage company offering quality units at affordable prices!

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