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Santa Barbara State Street Storage Offers Convenience

The search for a Santa Barbara State Street storage facility can happily end at 3 West Carrillo Storage. Other State Street storage centers in Santa Barbara pale in comparison to this favorable and convenient facility. The problem with self storage is just that, SELF storage. Professional movers do not exist for everyone whether having to do with budget or personal preference. At 3 West Carrillo Storage options, benefits, and features are made for customer comfort and satisfaction. Even offering a large array of moving boxes, foam peanuts, tape, and other moving supplies. In other words, 3 West Carrillo Self Storage offers one-stop shopping for moving, packing, and storage needs.

Santa Barbara State Street Storage Offers Convenience And Affordability

3 West Carrillo Self Storage was established in 2006, and has been in the same location since. Just minutes from downtown, Santa Barbara State Street Storage units can be accessed seven days a week from 8:00am until 6:00pm. Although it's important to note, businesses that rent units are offered 24-hour access to their units. Also, when not accessible Santa Barbara State Street storage units are always still secured. The facilities offer 24-hour video surveillance, individual door alarms, personal entry code, and residential managers.

At 3 West Carrillo Self Storage, huge rate discounts are always the special of the day. They’ll beat any advertised price or special deal and back it with a 90-day Price Assurance Guarantee. If their lowest price is beat within three months of renting, 3 West Carrillo Self Storage will offer the same deal to their current customers. This premier Santa Barbara State Street storage company even offers a free one month rental with a year's advanced payment!

Only The Best Options Are Offered At 3 West Carrillo Storage

3 West Carrillo Self Storage offers Santa Barbara State Street storage options in four different sizes. The first is perfect for a one bedroom apartment, or at 5' x 10', or 50 square feet. The second storage sizing option is sized for a two bedroom home, or at 10' x 10', or 100 square feet. The third size is great for a three bedroom home at 10' x15', or 150 square feet. The fourth, and largest, size is perfect for a four bedroom home at 10' x 20', or 200 square feet.

Obviously, 3 West Carrillo Self Storage makes it simple for residents in choosing the best Santa Barbara State Street storage available. Getting started is just as easy as contacting their wonderful customer service professionals one of many ways. People interested in utilizing the services offered by 3 West Carrillo should contact them by phone at (805) 966-94880, or online here. Remember, 3 West Carrillo Self Storage is located conveniently right downtown off State Street in Bel Air, CA 93101.

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State Street Storage Santa Barbara: How to Choose Packing & Storage Materials

Whether you’re moving or you just need a reliable State Street storage Santa Barbara to place your belongings, there are a few important things you should remember. In this article, you will learn how to pack and choose storage materials for your new storage unit.

Sofa Covers and Mattress Covers

The first thing that most people do when they need to place their sofas and mattresses in State Street storage Santa Barbara is to place it in a storage unit without any kind of protection. They immediately assume that their items will remain in excellent condition throughout the duration of their storage stay. It's important that your sofas and mattresses are well covered, otherwise it will begin to develop mildew and mold.

This rule goes for any kind of storage space, even the basement of your home or office. Make sure that you purchase quality sofa covers and mattress covers to protect your items. If you're planning on storing your items for longer than seven days, make sure you get a sheet or a canvas tarp for added protection.

Wrapping Fragile Items: Newspaper or Wrap?

Although it's recommended to wrap fragile items in newspaper, make sure the item you're wrapping is not an item that's prone to staining. Sometimes the ink from the paper can rub off onto light colored items. If you're wrapping anything that's prone to staining, make sure you use clear white color wrapping paper.

Many people like to use newspaper and plain white wrapping paper because it’s economical. If your budget allows it, it is highly recommended that you use felt or bubble wrap, especially if you’re wrapping a family heirloom or a delicate item that’s breakable.

Choosing the Right Size Box

When you select boxes for your storage unit, make sure you choose the correct size. Often times, many people will focus on the items that they want to store, but they forget about how it's going to be transported from his/her home to the State Street storage Santa Barbara. For example, if you have blankets, linens and clothing to store, use larger size boxes. For heavier items, such as books and magazines, you'll want to use smaller size boxes. When purchasing moving boxes for your storage unit, make sure you purchase packing supplies, such as tape, bubble wrap and box labels. This will help you keep your items well organized and secure.

If you’re looking for a good State Street storage Santa Barbara contact 3 West Carrillo Self Storage at: (805) 966-9488. 3 West Carrillo Self Storage is a self storage facility providing clean air-conditioned units.

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